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Benefits of Living in West LA

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When it comes to big cities, it’s rare that they get much bigger than Los Angeles. In both population and sheer size, LA ranks among the top of the list in the United States. With all that space (and all those people), you’ll discover a great deal of variance from neighborhood to neighborhood as you travel this enormous metropolis, and we’d argue that westside neighborhoods, like those of the LINEA West LA luxury apartments, have more going on for them than most. Here’s why...

What’s So Great About West Los Angeles?

If you were to ask what makes West LA a draw for new residents, there’d be plenty to point to serve as examples. Looking top down, as you would from a map, the proximity this area has to the beach might well be one of the first things that jumps out at you.

Indeed, a quick drive down Santa Monica Boulevard will put you right at Santa Monica beach and all its wonders, so if you’re a fan of sea and shore, you’ll definitely view that as a positive feature. And yet, that’s not all there is to West LA; the neighborhood has plenty of its own wonders that are sure to impress.

If community-oriented recreation is your fancy, spots like Stoner Park will make it to your short list of places in the neighborhood to frequent. The recreation center is home not only to a pool and playground, but also houses barbecue pits, a baseball diamond, basketball courts, a football field, a soccer field, and even an indoor gym.

Mind you, that’s not the only such center for recreation around the area, so you’ll have the opportunity to discover other places for the family to hang out as well, should you so fancy. And beyond the parks, you’ll find West LA holds all the trappings of a cozy-but-hip urban neighborhood.

The Landmark Theater is the place to go if you’re in the mood to catch a flick on the big screen, Bergamot Station provides a serene haven for the arts near Santa Monica, and if you’re into more obscure wonders, the Museum of Jurassic Technology in nearby Culver City offers you a look into a “collection of microscopic sculpture & other eccentric curiosities in art, science & natural history.”

Topping all this off, West LA enjoys some of the best Southern California weather you’ll get the chance to experience almost all year round, and hitting the road to get to other happening parts of the City of Angels means there’s plenty more LA exploration within your grasp. It’s just a short jaunt up north to Glendale, east to DTLA, or south to get to LAX if you need to catch a flight out of town.

Highlights of the LINEA West LA Luxury Apartments

And lest we forget specific communities within West LA that standout among the pack, LINEA provides a contemporary and sophisticated marvel that’s easy to distinguish from the average. These residences take the essence of that sunny, serene West LA experience and materialize it in apartment form, so be sure to check them out if you’re looking to make this oft-underrated neighborhood your new home base.