"Linea, as its name suggests is located along the Metro light rail. A bold architectural statement at the intersection of the 10 & 405 freeways. We are proud of the fluid Architectural expression at the intersection of freeways and light rail."

Johannes Van Tilburg, Architect

Rendering of Linea Apartments

Interior Design

"Textural fabrics and soft shapes establish a sense of home, while casual design and thoughtful use of color create dynamic environments. Public spaces are inspired gathering places: bright and filled with energy through abstract geometries."

The Interior Designer

Palm trees

Energy Efficiency

  • Smart thermostats.
  • High efficiency HVAC systems.
  • Low-E windows.
  • Solar shades for passive energy reduction.
  • Greenhouse gas reductions through EV stalls and bike parking for every unit.

Water Efficiency

  • Low-flow toilets & urinals.
  • Flow reducers on all sinks and showers.
  • Landscape selection is low water/drought tolerant.
  • Irrigation system uses weather controls to conserve water.

Health and Well-being

  • Low VOC paints, flooring and wall covering used throughout.
  • Acoustical treatments provided for sound control.
  • On-site fitness center.
  • On-site pool provided for water based exercise.


  • Urban site immediately adjacent to the Metro light rail.
  • Dedicated parking stalls for car sharing programs.
  • Dedicated bike racks for bike sharing programs.